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May 04, 2023

Intelligent Investing: Part 1

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can provide investors with a distinct advantage. In this post, we’re excited to introduce the variety of AI-Managed Portfolios (AMPs) that can help all Arta members level up their investment in public markets.

Catering to a wide array of investor profiles in current market conditions, Arta has crafted five AMPs across two categories:

  1. Harvest AMPs, short-to-medium term, low-risk strategy for those seeking a stable investment with the opportunity to earn income from interest payments and enjoy potential tax benefits. Consider Harvest AMPs when you’re looking for a better alternative to a high-yield savings account, or want to anchor a stock-heavy portfolio to help reduce its volatility.

  2. Grow AMPs, a longer-term stock-centric approach for those aiming for higher growth potential. Consider a Grow AMP when you want the effortless ease of an index fund combined with the scientific rigor and market savvy of a Quant hedge fund: These are investment vehicles that use highly sophisticated and data-driven quantitative (mathematical and statistical) models and technology to identify and execute investment opportunities.quant hedge fund. Grow AMPs execute sophisticated trading strategies on your behalf.

Introducing Harvest AMPs

Harvest Treasuries

Superpower: Tax advantages. No state or local income tax on earnings. Its tax-equivalent yield can be as high as a savings account offering 6.63%1. Learn more

  • Invests in: Low-risk ETFs that hold U.S. Treasury bonds and notes2
  • Compare to: High-yield savings accounts or cash management accounts

Harvest Bonds

Superpower: Strives for higher yield. This AMP optimizes a diversified set of bond ETFs to maximize yield

  • Invests in: Low-risk diversified bond portfolio of ETFs that hold US Treasuries2, investment-grade bonds, and high-yield bonds
  • Compare to: Actively managing a portfolio of bonds or bond ETFs yourself

Comparing Grow AMPs

Grow 1x

Superpower: Reaches for higher returns than the S&P500 while targeting the same volatility

  • Investor goal: A more aggressive strategy that aims for better returns at an equivalent level of risk as compared to the S&P 500
  • Invests in: Public markets - highly liquid ETFs
  • Compare to: S&P 500 Index, robo-advisors, “growth” portfolios

Grow 0.75x

Superpower: Strategic maneuvers aiming for similar returns as the US stock market, with less volatility

  • Investor goal: A growth strategy that aims to keep up with the market, with less ups and downs
  • Invests in: Public markets - highly liquid ETFs
  • Compare to: S&P 500 Index, robo-advisors, “growth” portfolios

Grow 0.5x

Superpower: Brings zen to your portfolio with the right balance between stocks and bonds

  • Investor goal: A balanced strategy with more flexibility than the traditional 60/40 mix, aiming for steady growth at half the risk of the market
  • Invests in: A mix of highly liquid ETFs and Fixed Income ETFs
  • Compare to: Robo-advisors, “balanced” portfolios, traditional 60/40 portfolios

We’re infusing the latest technology into finance and that includes free and automatic upgrades for the life of your AMP to make them even better over time. Members can look forward to custom-tailored AMPs that align even more closely with unique financial goals, including the ability to choose or exclude specific stocks, industries, and geographies.

We’re excited to offer you this new way of investing, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about these five AMPs. Get access by becoming an Arta member today -


  1. Harvest Treasuries invests in ETFs that hold US treasuries. Income from US Treasuries is exempt from State and Local taxes. Depending on your state and local tax situation, this AMP's tax-equivalent yield could be higher than the Yield To Maturity of 5.16%. For example, a California tax resident, filing jointly and in the highest tax bracket, would need a savings account that gives an equivalent yield as high as 6.63% to match what they’d get after-tax from the Harvest Treasuries AMP. This example is for illustrative purposes only, and is not tax advice. Seek the advice of a tax professional before making any investment.

  2. Risk is relative to other investments. All investments carry risk, including loss of principal.


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