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exclusive financial strategies for public and private market investments, previously only available to the ultra-rich


your investment strategy to your preferences, life situation, goals, and risk appetite


to friends, family, and peers in verified spaces to discover new financial opportunities, benchmark yourself, and learn from the community

Arta is your
financial home

Discover, plan, and invest all in one place
Stay on the same financial wavelength with your family members, or your existing financial, tax or legal professionals
Keep track of all of your assets and key documents

Build your collection

Craft your personalized investment portfolio with special access to public and private markets. Arta gives you the financial superpowers of the top 1%, without the high fees and minimums or the admin complexity.

Private investments
Get access to Private Equity, Real Estate, and Private Credit with the prospect of higher risk-adjusted returns and better diversification
Public markets
Pro-level investing at entry-level prices with AI-Managed Portfolios (AMPs)
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Private Investments

Arta membership gets you opportunities across Private Equity, Real Estate, and Private Credit without the millions often needed in minimums.

Select from among the top-10 fund managers who have consistently delivered high returns over the last several decades1
Start investing with as little as $2,500
Fully transparent and simplified fee structures
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Intelligently invest with AI-Managed Portfolios

AMPs combine scientific rigor and advanced AI to personalize portfolios to you.

By systematically managing risk, AMPs capture gains with the goal of delivering better risk-adjusted returns over time
AMPs craft portfolios for each individual, accounting for your holdings, goals, and preferences
Machine learning enables AMPs to vigilantly respond to market movements or life changes
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Get liquidity

As an Arta member, you can draw on a line of credit against your stocks or ETFs held in your Arta family office, at one of the most competitive rates around.

Get flexible access to cash to cover life’s expenses - like a house downpayment, a tax bill, or a private investment opportunity
Keep investments growing over time - avoid selling your investments as well as the associated tax impact
Access interest rates as low as 6.33% - 6.53%* p.a2
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Align our incentives
with your own

We believe that we win only when our members do. So in addition to management fee based options, for qualified members we offer performance-based pricing so that you can choose to align our incentives even more tightly with yours.

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Finance doesn’t have to be single-player

Your Arta membership opens the doors to a community where rewarding conversations happen.

Discover new opportunities, benchmark against your peers, and learn from what others are doing
Get the gist from your community and see how others are connecting their money to their life’s purpose
Connect to an ecosystem of financial and lifestyle experts, so you and your family can plan to grow, protect, and enjoy your wealth like the pros

Invest with confidence

Managing your money is a huge responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Arta Finance Wealth Management is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)
Backed by Google Cloud, Arta stores and protects data at rest and in transit with AES-256 encryption
Your assets are owned by you and held in custody by BNY Mellon | Pershing, one of the world’s most renowned financial institutions
Accounts are passwordless and secured with biometric & multi-factor authentication
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