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At Arta, we stand firm in our belief that the tools to help craft a successful financial strategy and secure a bright, stable future shouldn’t be a luxury that only the ultra-wealthy can afford. This drives our mission to help break down old barriers with sophisticated, game-changing technology and a fresh outlook. We’ve taken that same approach to fees.

Fees in the wealth management industry are often eye-popping, obscure and hard to understand. While the vanilla “no-frills” robo-advisors start at 0.25%, if you want anything more personalized or sophisticated – for example, from a financial advisor or a private bank – the fees can get as high as 1-2% of AUM.

Arta does this differently, with a commitment to provide clear and transparent pricing, and options for qualified members to choose to pay by performance. It’s important to us that members know exactly how Arta’s fees work, and there is never any guesswork or surprises.

no “one size fits all”
Arta’s fees vary by investment type. This enables us to offer Arta’s lowest possible fee for each investment.
Pay for performance

Qualified members
Only Qualified Clients and Qualified Purchasers are eligible for these pricing options. Sorry, this is a regulatory constraint - we would offer this to everyone if we could!

Learn more about investor statuses
Qualified members
can elect to pay performance fees for Grow AMPs, so you are charged only when your portfolio grows and not when it’s down.

No hidden Fees
We don’t charge any additional trading commissions, custody fees, or wire transfer fees.

AI-Managed Portfolios

Pricing starts at 0.0% of assets under management (AUM). Grow AMPs offer a choice for Qualified Clients and Qualified Purchasers to select between an AUM fee, an incentive fee, or a combination of both.

InvestmentPricing StructureFee
1x  |  0.75x  |  0.5x
Option 1
Option 2
Performance Only
of gains
Option 3
AUM + Performance
   0.20% AUM
+ 5.00% of gains
Bonds AMP
Treasuries AMP
Fees waived through 2023!
1x  |  0.75x  |  0.5x
Option 1: AUM
0.40% AUM
Option 2: Incentive
10% of gains
Option 3: Combination
0.20% AUM +
5.00% of gains
Bonds AMP
0.20% AUM
Treasuries AMP
0.20% AUM
0.00% AUM
Fees waived through 2023!

Alternative Investments

Pricing varies between 0.5% - 0.65% of committed capital - the amount you’ve invested. In addition to Arta’s fees, each fund manager charges their own operating and incentive fees that are itemized in the app for each alternative investment. These fees should be reviewed when considering an investment, so you’ll always know what you’re paying.

Below is an illustrative example of the fees for an alternative investment, broken down into Arta’s fees and the fund manager’s operating and incentive fees:


Line of Credit

Arta has partnered with our broker-dealer and custodian BNY Mellon | Pershing to offer competitive rates for a line of credit for eligible Arta members.

Line of Credit ValueInterest Rate
$50,001 – $999,999Fed Fund Target + 1.20%
$1,000,000 and aboveFed Fund Target + 1.00%

other fees

Arta does not charge additional fees. The following fees are levied by our broker-dealer and custodian or the SEC, and are passed through to a member at cost.

  • SEC sell fee: The SEC currently charges a nominal fee of $8 per $1,000,000 of exchange-listed securities sold. For AMPs and self-directed trading, this fee is prorated and deducted from the proceeds of the sale.
  • Paper confirmation and statements: $2 per item. All Arta members are enrolled in paperless delivery by default.


Arta Waives furthers our commitment to low and accessible fees. Waives will remove the Arta fees on new investments up to the specified amount.

For example, if you receive $100,000 in Waives, the next investments you make up to $100,000 will be free from Arta fees for 500 days, starting from the day of your new investment.

how do you know if you qualify for a pricing option?

Currently, Arta offers different pricing options depending on investor status of Accredited Investors (AI), Qualified Clients (QC), or Qualified Purchasers (QP).

Read our Insider post Accredited Investors: who they are and what they can do to see which investor status applies to you.

For more details on pricing, investing opportunities, and ways to unleash financial superpowers on your personal financial plan, become an Arta member.

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