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August 17, 2023

Why would a group of senior tech professionals decide to take the plunge and leave Google to start a new venture?

We get that a lot.

We are a tight-knit group of colleagues and friends who spent over a decade at Google, building a number of products at Google, along with our professional and personal lives. Over the years, watercooler chats went beyond code launch or the latest tech breakthrough. We shared life aspirations, financial goals, and future plans.

As we progressed in our careers, we couldn't help but notice the financial “superpowers” some Google veterans seemed to have – exclusive opportunities, tailor-made solutions, and a network of like-minded individuals.

And we wanted in.

The wheels started turning. Could we bridge this gap using technology? Could we make these superpowers accessible to more people? How could we simplify the often complex and painfully opaque financial landscape, making it easier for everyone to navigate?

As technology and AI reached a tipping point, we knew it was time to bring our idea to life. 

How Arta leverages technology to modernize finance

Our first step was to bring together a team with the expertise, background, and passion to make it happen - in a modern, tech-forward way.

It turns out, our team's experiences have been instrumental in shaping Arta’s products and services. Through our collective journey, we've been fortunate to contribute to projects that have positively impacted millions of people - and we take that forward to Arta members in everything we build.

Here’s a glimpse of our diverse background: 

  • We’ve spearheaded initiatives like Chromebooks, making personal computing accessible to students.

  • We’ve built platforms like Google Pay, which has facilitated the transition to digital economies.

  • Members of our team built tools like Money Minx, redefining how retail investors track their investments and monitor their net worth. 

  • Others had a hand in successful ventures, guiding companies through successful IPOs (AvantGo) and exits (Qurb). 

  • Some set up and ran quant hedge funds, applying the latest in machine learning research to enhance the first principles-based approach to building strategies.

  • Several had a hand in developing iconic products like Google Maps, Gmail, and the American Express Centurion Card (aka, “the Black Card”). 

  • Our insurance team has worked with insurers like Metlife and fintech giants like Alipay, Grab, and PayTm to simplify life insurance and make it more accessible.

  • Our marketing pros leverage years of experience to translate complex technical topics, reduce noise, and share relatable stories. 

  • Our due diligence team honed its skills at leading institutions like Goldman Sachs, pension plans, family offices, and endowments. 

  • Those focused on membership success have built first-class wealth management & financial operations teams - so you can talk to a human for the stuff that matters, and automate the stuff that doesn't.

What unites us is our shared goal of helping people build their futures by merging the best of technology and finance.

Democratizing access has been a connecting theme in our past work and now at Arta we're at it again - this time to bring more people access to the superpowers of the ultra-wealthy.

How Arta lowers the barriers to wealth creation

Now, you must be wondering, how might we actually pull this off. Well, let’s take a look at one strategy, long used by the ultra-wealthy to build robust, high-growth portfolios: alternative investments. We’ll also cover how Arta makes investing in private markets more accessible to a greater number of people.

Firstly, if they are such a powerful financial tool, why isn't everyone diving into alternative investments? What hurdles prevent the average person from leveraging this powerful strategy? And how does Arta help make this pathway accessible?

When it comes to alternatives there are a few barriers. 


For starters, an “everyday” retail investor can't simply visit a private equity website and click "buy." Access typically requires connections and knowing the right people who can open the doors. Arta’s team leverages a vast network to gain this coveted access.

As an example, we’re thrilled (and humbled) to have been able to get our members access to funds at firms like Vista Equity Partners, a top enterprise software private equity firm. It’s the first time a fund from Vista has been available through retail channels and they chose Arta (along with three other private banks) for this year’s debut. (Qualified Purchasers can learn more about this opportunity in the Arta app).

Investment minimums

Next, the colossal minimum investment amounts required by these funds can severely limit access. Arta lowers these minimums by negotiating with the funds and creating 'feeder funds' in partnership with financial institutions. We pool client capital into a sizable investment, meeting the fund's requirements while enabling individuals to invest much smaller amounts. 

With technology, what was once a complex process becomes simple, inclusive, and available to a much larger number of people.

Simplifying complex information overload

And then there's the fine print - those lengthy, jargon-filled documents you are expected to comb through before investing. Arta implements a rigorous due diligence process similar to private banks and financial institutions, curating top-tier fund managers for you. 

Our team conducts exhaustive research and scrutinizes the fine print to ensure you don’t get bogged down with these complexities. We distill those awful documents into a clear investment memo, with all of the highlights and links to the deep dives. This way you can make informed decisions about the investment without being overwhelmed by all the fine print.

Modernizing the entire investment process

Finally, we utilize technology to modernize and streamline the investment process itself. From the initiation of your investment to tracking its growth over time to managing complex capital calls, our engineering and UX teams simplify it all so you can make smart investments with ease and peace of mind.

In short, we’re making the dream of wealth-building available to many more by combining deep expertise in tech and finance.

So now the question is, do you want in too?

Accessing alternative investments is one example of the financial superpowers that Arta aims to bring to many more people. Whether you're already part of our community or just beginning to explore what we offer, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Connect with us to discover the innovative opportunities tailored to your individual goals - from alternative investments to AI-managed portfolios (AMPs) to time-tested strategies designed to boost your long-term financial plans.

We’re standing by and ready to help you on your journey.

Let's rewrite the rules of wealth-building, together.



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