Nov 13 2023

Tamar Yehoshua

Trusting Your Gut in the Tech World

Tamar’s journey is nothing short of remarkable - from leading roles at Amazon, Google, and Slack, to embracing the world of venture capitalism. This episode dives into the insights and experiences of a tech leader who has been at the forefront of innovation.

show notes

Tamar Yehoshua, who has served as VP across multiple divisions at Google, Chief Product Officer at Slack, and now as a venture partner at IVP, joins Caesar for an illuminating discussion on career, personal growth, and finance.

Tamar reflects on the pivotal moments in her career, discussing the fine line between taking risks and playing it safe, and how intuition often guided her choices. She shares her strategy of joining teams led by people from whom she could learn, starting with her leap from Intel to a startup in 1999.

The conversation takes a turn to her transition into venture capital, highlighting how her extensive background in product and engineering provides a unique perspective in her new role. Tamar talks about her need for a change after her experiences at Slack and Google and how relationships within the venture capital industry have shaped her journey.

This episode is a story of embracing new learning opportunities and the excitement that comes with change.

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About Tamar Yehoshua

Tamar Yehoshua’s professional journey has taken her through the hallways of Amazon as’s VP of Advertising Technology, Google as VP of Search and then Identity & Privacy, and Slack as Chief Product Officer. She has been a pivotal force in product development and organizational scaling. With hands-on experience in these behemoth companies, she has gained invaluable lessons on what propels a startup to become a household name and what pitfalls to sidestep.

Earlier this year she took on the role of Venture Partner at Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), a VC that grows breakout companies into enduring market leaders. She channels her expertise to mentor entrepreneurs, offering a holistic blend of tactical guidance and empathetic support. For her, venture capitalism isn't merely an investment game but an opportunity to partner with forward-thinking companies that aim to positively impact people's daily lives.

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