Jan 08 2024

Shishir Mehrotra

Making Transformative Choices

Shishir Mehrotra is the CEO and Co-founder of Coda. Previously, he ran YouTube, overseeing product development, user experience and engineering. He’s also an active angel investor with early stakes in companies such as Spotify, Pinterest, and Instacart.

show notes

CEO and Co-Founder of Coda, Shishir Mehrotra, sits down with Caesar for an eye-opening conversation about career choices, investments, and how these choices can impact the bigger picture. 

Shishir shares the most pivotal moments in his career that led him to where he is now as a mentor, CEO, and investor. From starting his first company, Centrata, to turning down an offer at Google for Microsoft, to eventually finding his way back to Google and YouTube, every step he took was a lesson learned. 

The conversation shifts from Shishir’s career path to how he got involved in angel investing and what he teaches others about investing in companies and investing in career choices. He stresses the importance of considering the big picture and pursuing investments and careers that you’re passionate about because they tend to yield the best results. 

Shishir’s ability to envision the future and challenge conventions helped lead him to where he is today. This episode tells the story of breaking the mold and how great things can come from one great conversation. 

Interesting links from this week’s episode:

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  • Stay up to date with Shishir on his personal site.

  • Be part of co-creating Shishir’s upcoming book with the Rituals Of Great Team brainstrust.

About Shishir Mehrotra

More than a CEO and co-founder, Shishir is the driving force behind Coda. This groundbreaking platform seamlessly combines documents, spreadsheets, and applications into one dynamic canvas, revolutionizing teamwork as we know it. With tens of thousands of teams and millions of users across the globe relying on Coda, Shishir's vision has reshaped the way we work together.

Before his journey with Coda, Shishir ran YouTube, overseeing everything from product development to user experience and engineering. He played a pivotal role in transforming YouTube into the world's premier video destination. It became one of Google's largest and fastest-growing ventures and the go-to platform for a new generation of video creators.

What sets Shishir apart is his ability to envision the future, challenge conventions, and explore the untapped potential of technology.

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Feb 14 2024

Diya Jolly

Embracing the now

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