Women & Wealth: Celebrating Shared Knowledge


March 18, 2024

At Arta, we are committed to opening access to financial superpowers—and that mission is nearly impossible without also working to change the narrative surrounding money talks.

Engaging in frank discussions about financial topics not only makes the complexities of financial management more accessible but also equips individuals with the resources they need for success.

For too long, financial dialogues have been predominantly male-centric, placing women at a systemic disadvantage in terms of achieving financial literacy and autonomy. Bridging this gap is key. By fostering an environment where discussions about financial challenges (and victories) are normalized, we enable each woman to approach the financial landscape with greater confidence and sophistication.

Over the last year, it has been our honor to listen to many women in our community share their financial stories— filled with achievements, obstacles, and lessons. Here, we share some of these insights, hoping to inspire broader conversations about money among women. Enjoy, and happy Women’s History Month.

Many of the women I know take charge of their finances. We run our financial lives. There is so much talk in the media that women take a back seat in household finances. How much of that is myth or reality?

In dual-career households, I see a lot of joint decisions happen between couples, at least among my network of friends and acquaintances. My little data subset suggests that it's quite evenly split. In some instances, it may be one part of the couple executing the decisions ultimately, because they may have more knowledge based on working in finance, or may just enjoy it more. In the professional sphere, research shows that women make better portfolio managers and investors. So for me, it's important to bring this perspective to the forefront when it comes to women and finance.

~ Samita Malik, Head of Insurance at Arta Finance

All parents worry about their children, but there are additional, pressing concerns when your child has unique healthcare needs.

For example, what kind of life will my child be able to live and where? How can I ensure my child's expenses are covered if he cannot work or care for himself independently? How do I make sure my oldest child doesn't have the financial responsibility of caring for his younger sibling so that he has more freedom in his own life?

These questions keep you up at night, to say the least. Creating a plan to cover expenses gave us a mission to focus on - and helped ease some anxiety too.

~ Jennifer Allen, Head of People at Arta Finance

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There are serious consequences for women who don’t learn about personal finance. I see it often.

Unfortunately, the United States has a high divorce rate, and statistically, women tend to outlive their partners. In either of these scenarios, the woman must know how to manage money.

Secondly, confidence, grounded in knowledge, allows for more options. This goes for all women - young, old, married, and unmarried. Even if you’re not interested in finance per se, you should learn anyway so you don’t miss out on valuable financial opportunities.

~ Natascha Martens, Partnerships at Arta

At a time when there were virtually no women CEOs, I was a rare exception, possibly the only one in 40 states.

My success in acquiring a charter was due to my established professional relationships with banking regulators.

One of my life's themes is reinventing myself every five years. In 1975, I shifted from advising others to running my own business. This operational experience proved invaluable. Jefferson Bank, which I led, eventually became the largest local bank in the Philadelphia area and was sold to Hudson United in 1999.

~ Betsey Cohen, Co-founder & Chairman (Cohen Circle), Angel Investor (Arta)

So the one thing I learned really early on, the one really great piece of advice someone gave me was, there is no such static thing as a work life balance.

Work-life balance one week to the next is always different. Because the needs change, things are not static.

One week, your job might need you to do a launch, have an executive-level meeting or a board meeting. The next week, your kid might desperately need you. So, so you can't look at work-life balance across every day, every week. You have to look at it over time. Are you doing the things you need to do?

~ Diya Jolly, Chief Product officer at Xero

Many people ask me if it's possible for a professional woman to 'have it all.' My stance is that it's not feasible for an individual alone.

Success involves a team effort, especially within the family.

I've felt the pressure of financial decision-making, but we've always recognized that our earning potential is equal. This perspective makes temporary decisions during phases like when our children were younger seem less daunting. Decisions aren't permanent; they fit the moment and our circumstances.

~ Sabrina Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Pinterest

I get asked to present “as a woman in tech.”

And a lot of times I don't want to present as a woman in tech. I only want to present as a tech leader. I want people to listen to me because of what I have to say, not because of my gender. And I used to say no to some of these things.

My daughter is also in tech. She's also an engineering leader. She was an intern at Google. I was asked to do one of these women's events, and I didn't want to do it. She came to me, and she said, “I had you as a role model when I was growing up. My friends didn't have a mother like you as a role model. You are doing this.” And she said, “I will come.” And she did. She came in, she sat in the back of the room, and she helped me with my presentation. And she was right. She was 100%. Right. And so now I've kind of changed my attitude. While I don't want to be doing things just because I'm a woman in tech, I do want to help other women to feel comfortable and to know that they have role models.

~ Tamar Yehoshua, Venture Partner at IVP

This Women's History Month, let's bridge the gap in financial discussions. Join us for two special virtual events!

Trailblazing Women in Fintech

🗓️ If you’re up for a live discussion about finance and women's role fintech, you won't want to miss our exclusive event featuring Nicole Casperson from Fintech is Femme. We'll be tackling the outdated myths surrounding women, sharing the journeys of female fintech leaders, expanding our networks with new connections, and more. It's an opportunity to dive deep into the evolving landscape of finance from a female perspective. Save your seat for March 19th at 10 am PT.

Arta For Her: Building Wealth For Women, By Women

🗓️ In honor of Women’s History Month, join us for a first-ever Arta Talk hosted by women, designed for women, on taking control of your financial future. Our all-star panel of female leaders at Arta will cover financial strategies women should consider as they grow in both wealth and in life. We’ll discuss the financial inequities women continue to face, as well as what we can do to tackle them. Save your spot for March 27th at 4 pm PT.


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