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October 10, 2023

You're on a journey to take control of your financial future, and we get it—what you really need is actionable financial education and insights, not just generic advice.

That's why we've created the Arta Talks series. It's not just another financial webinar; it’s a backstage pass to direct insights from seasoned financial and technology professionals.

Below is a sample of the kinds of questions we cover in Arta Talks, along with abbreviated answers, to give you an idea of what you can expect. After all, understanding your options is the first step in becoming the savvy investor you aspire to be.

What advantages does Arta offer over traditional Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), especially considering that high-net-worth individuals often employ RIAs for wealth management and growth? Why should I consider investing through Arta?

Arta Finance is a registered investment advisor. So this decision comes down to choosing if Arta is the better fit for you.

You're not making a one-off transaction when you choose to invest through Arta’s Digital Family Office. Instead, you are integrating into a meticulously managed financial and investment ecosystem that is engineered for robust performance and reliability.

As an Arta member, you’re leveraging the cumulative expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals—finance, investing, legal, engineering, user experience, and member services —all singularly focused on helping you grow, protect, and enjoy your financial future.

Here are 4 things that set Arta apart.

  • Tech-enabled Access: Arta combines the best of finance with cutting-edge technology. This allows you to intelligently invest in public and private markets, gaining access to opportunities often reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Our curated set of investments is virtually impossible to find elsewhere unless you're an ultra-high-net-worth individual or an institutional investor (think pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, etc.).

  • Cost-efficiency: We utilize technology to connect you with top-tier private fund managers and public market strategies typically offered by private banks—but we do it at a fraction of the cost and without exorbitant minimums.

  • User-centric Design: Arta was built with members like you in mind. Our focus is on stream-lined, user-first experiences, whether you're browsing the web or using our mobile app. We design workflows that are both intuitive and enjoyable across all your devices, not only because you expect it, but because we believe that managing your money should be a pleasure, not a chore.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning: Smart investments are a critical aspect of building a portfolio, but building wealth isn’t only about amassing assets. By creating your Arta Digital Family Office, we help not only with opening doors to valuable investing opportunities, but all the other services essential to a robust financial plan – including insurance, tax strategy, estate planning, and lifestyle support services.

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I want to make my savings work harder for me. What’s the benefit of investing in Harvest Treasuries AMPs over investing in U.S. Treasuries on the open market or options like a Money Market Fund or High Yield Savings Account?

While you can buy U.S. Treasuries directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury or brokers, with Arta’s AMPs you get a distinct advantage. Arta will automatically reallocate and rebalance between different types and maturities of Treasuries in response to changes in the interest rate or market fluctuations in U.S. Treasury prices. Arta’s investment team continuously monitors AMPs to ensure they perform as designed. This relieves you of the tedious task of having to manually adjust between various Treasury durations to chase the best yield—a job that the ultra-wealthy often delegate to teams of bankers and fixed-income experts.

Another significant advantage is potentially higher returns — especially after tax. Based on our comparison below, Harvest Treasuries currently offers higher rates than most money market funds and high-yield savings accounts. And here's an added perk—the interest earned on Treasuries is often exempt from U.S. state and local taxes, unlike the returns from a money market fund or high-yield savings account. That means you get to keep more of what you earn.

Finally, unlike some savings accounts, there are no hidden requirements like recurring deposits or mandatory investment periods, and your investment can usually be liquidated quickly in a few days.

In short, investing with Harvest Treasuries isn’t merely about buying Treasury bonds. It's about investing in peace of mind, professional expertise, and a diligently crafted optimization strategy.

Annualized rate

Harvest Treasuries

5.26% APY1

High-yield savings account

Wealthfront Cash

4.80% APY 2

High-yield savings account

Apple Card Savings Account

4.15% APY 2

Traditional savings account

Chase Savings Account

0.01% APY 2

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1 As of October 3, 2023. The annual percentage yield (APY) presented is estimated net of fees, and is based on the weighted average of the 30-day SEC yield of the underlying assets. The realized yield may be higher or lower. Arta is waiving fees through 2023. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. The methodology for the conversion from 30-day SEC yield to APY is as follows: APY = 365 * [(1 + SEC-Yield/2) ^ 2/365) -1]. All investments carry risk, including loss of principal.

2 As of August 2023. Arta Finance makes no representations as to the accuracy of data published by third parties and such information is presented here for illustrative purposes only.

I'm considering diversifying my portfolio with alternative investments. What are the risk factors associated with Alts? What educational resources can you recommend to strengthen my understanding and confidence before committing capital?

As a discerning investor, before diving into the world of alternative investments or "alts," it's crucial to consider the following risk factors:

  • Illiquidity: Alternative investments cannot be bought or sold as easily as public stocks or bonds. Some even have "lock-up periods," which mandate a minimum holding time before selling is allowed. Make sure the investment's timeline aligns with your liquidity needs.

  • Transparency: Private investments typically lack the same level of transparency and reporting that you'd find in public markets. Be prepared to navigate a less transparent reporting schedule.

  • Manager performance: The performance of alternative investments largely depends on the investment manager’s skill and expertise. Poor performance on their part can impact the value of your investment.

  • Fees: Private funds often have more complex fee structures and fine print that can be challenging to interpret. For example, in addition to a management fee, some asset classes, such as private equity and venture capital, may charge an incentive fee on income generated.

Understanding these unique challenges and risks is key to successfully investing in alternatives. Once you've considered these factors, you'll be better equipped to make a decision aligned with your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

And, if you need further information, we offer a few different ways to learn about alternative investing or specific opportunities.

  • Arta App: Browse comprehensive educational materials, including investment memos, investor presentations, prospectuses, FAQs, and detailed fee breakdowns that help you understand exactly how you’re being charged.

  • Arta Talk Series: Attend live info sessions dedicated to alternative investments. Sessions are hosted by industry veterans like Tomas Arlia, Head of Alternative Investments, and James Peng, Marketing Lead on Alternatives. Each session includes a live Q&A for direct discussion with our leadership team.

  • Membership Team: If you have any lingering questions, our team can help.

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We hope to see you at the next Arta Talk, where you can hear more questions like this or ask your own.


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