Arta Team Spotlight

Q&A with Rachel Navarro—Member Success at Arta

Arta Team Spotlight

April 26, 2023

Meet Rachel

Rachel Navarro’s career has spanned sales and account management to customer service within the financial services sector. Today, she’s focused on member success at Arta and helping new members get acquainted with our opportunities and technology. If you haven’t talked to her directly on a welcome call, you’ve seen her friendly avatar in the Arta comics. Read on to hear from Rachel about what you can expect when you become a member with Arta.

Tell us about your role at Arta.

I’m here to make sure our members have a fantastic experience when they join Arta. I meet with individual members every day via video call to walk them through the app and answer all their questions. Importantly, I also take their feedback to our internal teams to make sure our products and services are in line with our member’s needs and expectations.

Working with members in this type of role has always been fulfilling for me. Yes, building innovative products is incredible. But being part of the team that interacts with members directly and sees the impact of the work is even more fulfilling for me.

Walk us through what happens when a new member joins Arta.

Every member has the opportunity for a “welcome call” where I (or another member of the team) meet with them personally. The main purpose of the call is to guide them through what Arta offers, what the future of Arta looks like, and how to use the app.

We're building this product for our members, and we want to make it relevant, easy and intuitive. That’s why we always ask for their input on how we can improve the product and what features they would like to see available in the future.

What features or opportunities are requested most often? Are there any particular financial activities on people’s “to do” list?

Many people are excited about the idea of a “digital family office;” of having a one-stop-shop for ways to grow, protect, and enjoy their wealth. Features such as tax optimization, insurance, and estate planning are all things they are looking forward to being integrated into the app.

In particular, estate planning comes up quite often. It has been on some members' to-do list for five to ten years, making it a significant need. On the other hand, some members start thinking about it once we mention it to them. Either way, it’s definitely a topic of interest. Members are also very eager to hear about how Arta can help save them time by taking mundane tasks off their plates. This type of concierge functionality is so critical for busy folks, which is pretty much all of our members!

What kinds of questions do you get most often?

The investment opportunities we offer are often completely new for our members. They may have never considered or had access to it before. Thus, we get lots of questions about what it means to invest in different types of funds. At Arta, we are committed to making this information easily available and digestible.

Sure, some seasoned investors already know how to analyze funds, but many members are in the process of building their wealth and haven’t ventured into this area until now. They are seeking a product that can break down information in simple terms, making it accessible to virtually everyone regardless of their investment background, to make sound investment decisions.

What's the most in-demand opportunity at the moment?

Members are interested in alternative investments, as well as AI-managed portfolios (AMPs).

People are also curious about AI and machine learning, and want to understand how we're using advanced technology to develop investment strategies.

Tell me more about that. What questions do people ask about AI?

A frequently asked question is what distinguishes our app from a conventional robo-advisor. A primary distinction we are developing involves incorporating members' comprehensive financial overview, encompassing their objectives and values. These factors will significantly impact the management of their AMP.

For example, consider a user who is a former or current Google employee, with 75% of their wealth in Google shares. This situation means their portfolio is significantly concentrated in the tech industry. A standard robo-advisor may further invest them in tech stocks, given the market's (usual) growth potential. However, this approach could result in excessive exposure to the tech sector, as the robo-advisor lacks insight into the client's other investments. This is where our technology excels, as we can train our AI to analyze a broader range of data points for a more informed decision-making process.

Another frequent question concerns whether we solely rely on AI for portfolio management. In response, we talk through the contributions of our research team and quantitative hedge fund experts, who are also involved in the decision-making process. Our approach strikes a balance between AI and human expertise.

What have you learned from your experience with the first wave of onboarding?

Discussing finances can be a delicate matter for many individuals. Establishing comfort and trust with clients can be challenging, yet it is also rewarding. By fostering trust in matters related to money, I get to create the groundwork for lasting relationships between members and the company - and that’s just the starting point for member success with Arta.


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