Introducing Arta—the digital family office for the world.


November 02, 2022

Using technology to unlock the “financial superpowers” of the ultra-wealthy.

Have you ever felt that the ultra-rich manage their money and lives very differently? Like they’re playing a game on a whole other level?

Well, you’re right. They employ teams of professionals who use sophisticated financial strategies and tap investment opportunities that the rest of us can only dream of. These teams are called Family Offices. These family offices help the ultra wealthy craft their visions of the future. So we thought - what about the rest of us?

We believe that a kickass financial strategy and a stable, secure, happy future shouldn’t be the monopoly of the ultra-rich. Everyone should have a chance to take charge of their financial life in the same way that wealthier people do. So we’re on a mission to do this in In the past, the Arta team has played leadership roles on billion-user & billion-dollar products, set up and run quant hedge funds, and taken several new products from 0 to 100M+ users. We live for helping people get access to products and services that have a multiplier effect on their lives - whether it's the internet, computing, or financial services.the way we know best – by breaking down barriers to sophisticated finance with technology.

We created Arta to be your financial home – where you can aggregate all your assets, build your personal collection of investments and access expert services to shape your financial future. We got rid of the admin overheads, salesy calls, clunky UIs, and eye-watering fees. And we’ve harnessed AI to enable intelligent investing in public markets and opened access to alternative assets such as private equity, venture capital, and real estate funds. And we plug you into our ecosystem of financial and lifestyle professionals who can help you protect and enjoy your wealth.

Arta is your
digital family office

Your Arta
financial superpowers

As an Arta member you will be able to:

  • Access Alternative Assets like Private Equity.
    Arta will let you invest into previously inaccessible categories like private equity, venture capital, private debt, and real-estate funds. Start investing with as little as $2,500 in alternative investments. We’re offering funds from top-10 fund managers who have consistently delivered high returns over the last several decades.

  • Create your own personalized investing game plan.
    Arta’s proprietary AI Managed Portfolios (AMPs) use machine learning to bring together decades of proven investment research with the personalization of a dedicated financial advisor, the scientific rigor of top quant funds, and the simplicity of passive instruments like an ETF, direct index or a robo-advisor to deliver better risk adjusted returns – all while keeping fees low and transparent. More here AI-Managed Portfolios (AMPs) will enable members to create highly personalized, automated portfolios using stocks, bonds, options, and leverage. AMPs aim to deliver better risk adjusted returns than alternatives like ETFs, Direct Indexes, or most Robo-advisors - all while keeping fees low and transparent.

  • Get liquidity without selling stock.
    Eligible Arta members can access a line of credit against their assets at industry-leading rates. This means you can stay invested in the market instead of selling your stocks at the wrong time for a short-term expense, like a house downpayment or tax bill.

  • Get savvier together.
    The ultra-rich also gain an edge by sharing financial know-how with each other. You will be able to have your own enriching conversations in Arta Pulse. These verified and private spaces are where members can discover new financial opportunities, benchmark themselves and learn from what their peers are doing.

  • Invest with confidence.
    Arta is an SEC-registered investment advisor (RIA) and we have engaged with one of the world’s most renowned financial institutions, BNY Mellon, founded by Alexander Hamilton, is one of the oldest banks in the U.S and the largest custodian bank in the world with an approximate $42 Trillion under custody/administration. Its subsidiary, Pershing, is the #1 provider of clearing services in the U.S.BNY Mellon | Pershing, to act as our broker-dealer and custodian. Together, BNY Mellon | Pershing and Arta share a deep focus on information security. Arta team has applied multiple decades of experience building highly secure and robust products at places like Google, building Arta on top of the Google Cloud Platform and storing and protecting data at rest and in transit with AES-256 encryption. Arta employs password-less, biometric and hardware-based authentication, ensuring members have a safe yet simple experience of using Arta on their phones and on the web.

  • Align interests with performance-based fees.
    Arta starts with clear and transparent pricing so members know exactly how the fees work. You pay no trading commissions or custody fees, and qualified Arta members will be able to choose performance-based pricing so they can align Arta’s incentives even more tightly with their goals.


We are building Arta for the world and for everyone. But every especially those in highly regulated spaces! long journey must start with a first step. Arta is available in the US today to Accredited Investors are defined by the SEC and regulated differently from retail investors. To qualify as an Accredited Investor, you need to have either individual annual income >$200K or joint income >$300K, $1M in investable assets, or be a finance professional.Accredited Investors, and once we obtain the necessary approvals we’ll be expanding to other countries and more users. As we scale, we’ll be opening up gradually and deliberately to ensure every Arta member has a great experience. Let us know if you want in, and we’ll work with you to make sure your arrival reflects the best possible experience we can give you.

Our mission is to make personal finance simple, accessible, beautiful, and maybe even fun.

To do this we have assembled a team of product builders, machine learning researchers, investment professionals, and business leaders who are eager for meaningful change. Over the course of the last year, we’ve acquired A very belated public welcome Jessica &, set up the Arta Foundation is our philanthropic arm. We have not yet finalized the charter but we wanted to reserve dedicated resources to fund it from the start.Arta Foundation with 2% of our founding equity, and raised over $90M from Shailendra Singh,Managing Director at Sequoia Capital India:

“Arta Finance has chosen a massive unsolved problem in the global fintech space. Caesar and team are uniquely accomplished in having built multiple cutting-edge products that are used by billions of internet users on the planet. It’s rare that a team with such achievements will join forces to startup.

Similar to many other consumer fintech companies we have backed, this one also requires a more user-centric approach, a more delightful user experience and a more seamless and scalable platform than likely exists today. Team Sequoia India and I could not be more grateful to be a part of this journey and join forces with the dozens of ultra talented Artasans that are assembling to pursue a very inspiring mission.”
Sequoia Capital India
, Micky Malka, Founder of Ribbit Capital:

"What excites us about Arta is the depth of understanding of two critical lines. The first one is the complexity in financial services and the need to have more transparent access to the information that will allow you to make better decisions. Second, is the automation of it by using the best technology around. At Arta, we find the best of the two. They understand the consumer, they understand the pain, and they have the experience of working with the best technology. We're excited to see how they can influence and change how everyone thinks about their capital and assets."
, Michael Gilroy, General Partner at Coatue:

“Arta's digital-forward approach stands to unlock new investment opportunities that have previously been out of grasp for millions of people. We see an opportunity to scale Arta's mission to help more people achieve their wealth goals.”
, and over Read what our investors say.140 angel investors including luminaries from tech and finance like Eric Schmidt, Co-Founder, Schmidt Futures; Former CEO & Chairman, Google:

"Combining advanced financial strategies with AI is the type of visionary thinking that brings about real step-function change. I am so impressed with what Arta has built by applying advanced AI and ML to investing strategies and look forward to seeing this fantastic team create tremendous value for so many people."
Eric Schmidt
, Betsy Cohen, Chairman at FinTech Masala, founder and former CEO of The Bancorp:

“Arta is harnessing the power of technology to benefit those who have been seeking wealth management but have never - until now - found the right platform. By making access easier, quicker, and more complete, Arta has responded to those customer needs. Driven by a first-class team with deep knowledge of tech, Arta is at the beginning of its exciting journey. I am eager to become a Member.”
Betsy Cohen
, Michael Miebach, CEO, Mastercard.Michael Miebach, and Jeff Dean, SVP, Google Research.Jeff Dean. We’re immensely grateful and honored to have each of these visionaries and believers on the journey with us.

We’re excited to unveil Arta Finance to the world today. While this is just the start, we see tremendous opportunity in using AI and ML to help people build the financial future they want. By building a new kind of financial institution that harnesses deep technology to put its members first, we will make the power of finance available to everyone.

The Arta Team!


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