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We’re a group of product builders, machine learning researchers, and finance professionals uniting both passion & experience to build a company that will change the way people build their futures. And yes, we’re hiring! See our open roles

Aaron Photo
AaronLebovitzChicagoFormer Principal and Head of Algorithmic Trading @ Infinium Capital Management. Founder @ Adaptation Capital. Former Aquanaut @ Aquatic.
Likes to make bets
Abhishek Photo
AbhishekKumarBay AreaFormer Staff Research Scientist, Tech Lead Manager @ Meta
Loves getting lost in nature
Alok Photo
AlokSaxenaNew York CityFormer Research Manager @ Aquabyte. Former Quantitative Researcher @ DRW
Can chop onions without crying
Andrew Photo
AndrewTraceySocalFormer Vice President, Financial Advisor @ Brownson, Rehmus & Foxworth
Likes to make the computers do the work
Andy Photo
AndyLauBay AreaSoftware Engineer @ Google/YouTube
I work on filmmaking and photography on the side!
Anoop Photo
AnoopKorattikaraBay AreaFormer Researcher/Engineer @ Google Brain
Everything is an experiment
Antonio Photo
AntonioCansadoBay AreaFormer Software Engineer @ Google. Google Workplace, Next Billion Users, Google Pay
Your local barista
Anupama Photo
AnupamaRajanBay AreaFormer Product Manager @ Google. Payments, Next Billion Users, Travel
Visiting all 50 states
Anuruddha Photo
AnuruddhaPremalalSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Meta
Enjoys the sound of ocean waves
Ashley Photo
AshleySiSingaporeFormer Senior Software Engineer @ Tencent, Former Senior Software Engineer @ Grab
Cat mom
Becky Photo
BeckyMakBay AreaFormer Product Marketing Manager @ Airtable, Account Manager @ Google
Brittni Photo
BrittniNowellBay AreaFormer Operations Program Manager @ Airtable, Former Marketing & Product Ops @ Fin
Retired Junior Brown Belt
Caesar Photo
CaesarSenguptaSingaporeFormer VP & GM, Payments & Next Billion Users @ Google. Google Pay, Chrome OS
Gets pranked a lot
Caleb Photo
CalebRollinsBay AreaResearch Assistant @ MIT
Most of my shirts are neon green
Charles Photo
CharlesDongSingaporeFormer Senior PM & Head of Growth, Payments @ Google. Former Investment Analyst @ Ward Ferry Management, Blackstone
Has only two dance moves
Chary Photo
CharyAasuriBay AreaFormer Sr. Engineering Manager @ Google
Reads Sanskrit Classics and Shakespeare
Chen-Hsin Photo
Chen-HsinLinSingaporeFormer Full Stack Engineer @ StashAway
Tries to keep her plants alive
Chirag Photo
ChiragYagnikBay AreaFormer Engineering Manager, ML in Financial Markets @ Google. Former Head of Empirical Trading @ DRW
Loves riddles and brain teasers
Chris Photo
ChrisRuppenthalBay AreaFormer Co-founder, Staff Engineer @ Ciclix
Scared of bears
Daniel Photo
DanielKurniadiSingaporeFormer Senior Engineer @ TikTok, Data Platform
I'm groot
Danny Photo
DannyLimSingaporeFormer AVP @ GIC Investment Insights Group
Drinks boba without milk or pearls
Dave Photo
DaveWilkinsonBay AreaFormer Deputy CCO @ Greenoaks Capital. Former Compliance Officer @ ValueAct Capital, Hall Capital Partners
Home coffee roaster
David Photo
DavidShapiroBay AreaFormer Chief Business Officer, Next Billion Users @ Google. Former VP & GM at American Express
Laughs at his own jokes
Dhrumil Photo
DhrumilParmarTorontoFormer Senior Software Engineer @ Level & Google Pay
F1 Enthusiast
Edward Photo
EdwardChiangSingaporeFormer Director of Product Management @ Google. Chrome OS, Next Billion Users (Tez), Google Pay
Can sing The Little Mermaid soundtrack by heart
Fabien Photo
FabienLaufSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Apple and Expedia
Grand Master of dipping croissants in coffee
Felix Photo
FelixLinBay AreaFormer VP Partnerships, Payments @ Google. AvantGo (public), Qurb (acq), Chrome OS, Google Pay
Competitive corn-on-the-cob eater
George Photo
GeorgeWuBay AreaFormer ML Engineer @ Meta. Former Software Engineer @ Oracle
I do audio engineering
Hai Photo
HaiMaiBay AreaFormer Tech Lead Infra/Backend/Frontend @ Alphabet X, Google
Likes beautiful pixels
Han-Tien Photo
Han-TienChangBay AreaFormer Staff Software Engineer @ LinkedIn. Growth, Events, AI Infrastructure
Weekend baseball pitcher
Henry Photo
HenryGilbertNashvilleFormer Head of Machine Learning @ Copia Wealth Studios
Hates long walks on a beach
Hiba Photo
HibaAliBay AreaFormer Solution Specialist @ Saucelabs
Laughs at the wrong time
Hussein Photo
HusseinYahfoufiSocalFormer Founder @ Money Minx. CTO @ FinTechs. Wealth Manager @ Morgan Stanley
Helped deliver his son in the car
Jacky Photo
JackyChenSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Shopee and 17Live
Constantly losing money in poker
Jae Photo
JaeChoSeattleFormer Staff Data Scientist @ Brex. Former Engineer & Researcher @ Instacart, Zillow, Trexquant
Food critic at home
James Photo
JamesPengSingaporeFormer VP Growth @ Growth Marketing @ Grab, Coinbase, Match Group
Steps on all the cracks
Jennifer Photo
JenniferAllenBay AreaFormer Senior Workplace Manager @ Airtable. Former Office Manager & EA @ Sequoia Capital US
Living vicariously through K-dramas
Jiang Photo
JiangLimSingaporeFormer Head of Ops @ StashAway
Never gets tired of 70s disco
Jishnu Photo
JishnuMohanSingaporeFormer Tech Lead @ Google. Next Billion Users (Tez), Google Pay
Works best in a box
Jordan Photo
JordanSamuelsChicagoFormer Engineer and Researcher @ DRW Trading, Teza Technologies and IMC. Former Aquanaut @ Aquatic
Serial obsessionist
Justin Photo
JustinBreretonRemoteFormer Quantitative Researcher @ Susquehanna International Group
Likes to write music
Kate Photo
KateHuangSingaporeFormer Tech Lead Manager @ Google. Access and Energy, Next Billion Users, Google Pay
Milk tea-holic
Kate Photo
KateMillerNew York CityFormer Associate @ Morgan Stanley
New recipe enthusiast
Ke Photo
KeHanSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Meta. Former Software Engineer @ BlackRock
Ice cream lover
Kevin Photo
KevinCooneyBay AreaFormer Staff Software Engineer @ Google. Former Software Engineer at Verily
Participates in swing dance competitions, but not competitively
Kishore Photo
KishoreKumarSingaporeFormer Design Lead & Manager @ Google. Android, Next Billion Users, Google Pay
Can fall asleep anywhere
Kushagra Photo
KushagraGoyalSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Goldman Sachs. TxB Payments, Investment Research
Sports junkie
Kyle Photo
KyleChristensenBay AreaFormer Analyst, Payments @ Google. Former Associate @ Credit Suisse. Former Analyst @ Goldman Sachs
Takes the scenic route
Lesley Photo
LesleyChewSingaporeFormer Office Manager @ IDEO SG and 72andSunny
Owns an independent record label
Lindsay Photo
LindsayFaroniSocalFormer Operations Manager @ U.S. Bank. Former Director of Underwriting & Onboarding @ eCapital Corp
Hiking and national park enthusiast
Lu De Photo
Lu DePasqualeSingaporeFormer UX Lead & Manager, Payments & Next Billion Users @ Google. Former Principal UX @ Thoughtworks
Professional color coder
Mack Photo
MackMcCainBay AreaFormer Head of Regulatory @ Robinhood. Former Legal Director @ Charles Schwab
The most outgoing introvert
Mark Photo
MarkStriebeckBay AreaFormer Engineering Director, ML in Financial Markets @ Google. Gmail, YouTube, Ads
Likes to look at stars
Mark Photo
MarkWooSingaporeFormer Senior Engineer @ Amazon
Cook this then that
Matt Photo
MattJohnsonTokyoFormer Design Lead and Manager @ Google. Android, Material Design, Next Billion Users, Google Pay
Two-wheel leisure lover
Matt Photo
MattLinkerRemoteFormer Associate @ Morgan Stanley, Financial Engineering/Equity Derivatives Structuring
Flies over 120,000 miles per year
Melissa-Ann Photo
Melissa-AnnChanSingaporeFormer Head of Product Marketing @ Google. Google Pay, Next Billion Users (Tez), Retail, Ads
Professional snacker
Mervyn Photo
MervynWeeSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ GovTech
Wants to be on tv
Natascha Photo
NataschaMartensTexasFormer Field Sales & Partnerships Manager @ Google. Google Maps, Cloud
Plays chess on the treadmill
Oscar Photo
OscarBachtiarBay AreaFormer Staff Software Engineer @ LinkedIn. Talent Solutions & Careers.
Board game collector
Otto Photo
OttoLeonMiamiFormer Software Engineer @ Facebook, Google, LinkedIn
On a quest for my favorite ramen
Rachel Photo
RachelNavarroSocalFormer Senior Director of Sales and Account Management @ eCapital Corp
Terrified of crickets
Riccardo Photo
RiccardoTurchettoBay AreaFormer Software & ML Engineer @ Google, Microsoft, Powerset (acq), Nvidia
Picks up lucky pennies
Richard Photo
RichardSuBay AreaFormer Software Engineer, Maps @ Google
Makes it spicy
Ritik Photo
RitikBhatiaSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Google
Loves completing nature trails and exploring the outdoors
Robert Photo
RobertQinSingaporeFormer Sr. SRE @ Indeed. Former Advisory Software Engineer @ IBM Research
Loves taking random long walks
Ryder Photo
RyderToBay AreaFormer Investment Operations Associate @ EquityBee. Former Private Client Banker @ JPMorgan Chase
I love boba
Samarth Photo
SamarthAgarwalSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Google. Chrome OS, Wear OS.
Has too many hobbies
Samita Photo
SamitaMalikBay AreaFormer Head of BD & Innovation @ Aegon Asia. Chief Distribution Officer @ MetLife. Management Consultant @ Bain
Still has a baby tooth
Satyarth Photo
SatyarthUpadhyayaSingaporeFormer Technical Lead @ Money Minx
Catnaps to function
Selina Photo
SelinaLiuSingaporeFormer Senior Software Engineer @ Airbnb
Dad joke connoisseur
Steffen Photo
SteffenMeschkatBay AreaFormer Software Engineer @ Google. Maps, Search, Gmail, Fuchsia
Sung Roa Photo
Sung RoaYoonBay AreaFormer Tech Lead @ Wing. Former Software Engineer @ Google
Bakes bread on the weekends
Tomoe Photo
TomoeKawagoeSingaporeFormer Recruiting Lead @ Google & YouTube
ARMY for life
Venkat Photo
VenkatRapakaBay AreaFormer VP of Product, Payments @ Google. Google Pay, Nexus/Pixel, Chrome OS, IoT
Favorite animal is the honey badger
Wathiq Photo
WathiqAbumaaliBay AreaFormer IT Systems Engineer @ SauceLabs
Bakes a lot of cookies
Weihan Photo
WeihanZhengSingaporeFormer Staff Engineer @ StashAway. Former Associate @ GIC
Tea addict
Willy Photo
WillySoesantoSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Google
Love puns. "What did the cannibal get when he is late? A cold shoulder!"
Xin Photo
XinSongBay AreaFormer Staff Seismic Imager @ CGG
Likes rocks
Yaxin Photo
YaxinLeeBay AreaFormer Investor @ Copperplate Capital. Former Credit Strategist @ Goldman Sachs. Former Economist @ Federal Reserve Board. Taught @ Princeton University
Thinks Nanjing roast duck is much tastier than Beijing roast duck
Yee Ru Photo
Yee RuKohSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ GovTech
Thinks cats and birds should rule the world
Yue Photo
YueYouSingaporeFormer CTO @ Airsquire, Former Tech Lead @ IBM
Aim to conquer the Seven Summits
Zana Photo
ZanaBevan HrvacicBay AreaFormer Consultant @ Capco. Former Wealth Associate @ BMO Family Office
Aspiring beekeeper
Zelidrag Photo
ZelidragHornungBay AreaFormer Director of Engineering, Payments @ Google. Chrome OS, Next Billion Users, Google Pay
$Zelcoin maximalist
Zhi Wei Photo
Zhi WeiChongSingaporeFormer Software Engineer @ Google. Next Billion Users, Google Pay
Will work for chocolate
Zhisong Photo
ZhisongLiuSingaporeFormer Tech Lead @ Google. Next Billion Users (Tez), Google Pay
Crosswind lover