Press Release: Arta Finance Officially Opens to all Qualified Investors—Announces $100 Million in Member Assets


October 18, 2023

Arta Finance Officially Opens to all Qualified Investors, Announces $100 Million in Member Assets

After being in invite-only mode and refining the product with early members, Arta Finance  reaches milestone in member assets, hires industry leaders, and launches new AI-driven services to enable access to the same investments as the ultra-wealthy

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 18, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. PT -- Arta Finance, a fintech company transforming the way people grow, protect and enjoy their wealth, today announced it has officially opened its digital family office platform to all qualified investors in the US. Arta came out of stealth in late 2022 after raising over $90 million and started onboarding members through an invite-only program earlier this year. Since then, Arta has significantly expanded its product offering, and hired industry leaders to scale the platform in the U.S. and beyond. Members have trusted Arta to manage more than $100 million on their behalf and are deepening their engagement with the platform to create better financial futures for themselves and their families.

The assets of America’s top 1% have skyrocketed from the second quarter of 2020 to 2023, mainly driven by strong returns on investments from stocks and other assets. Over this three-year period, the investments of the top 1% outperformed the remaining population by about 30%, according to data from the Federal Reserve. The increasing divide in wealth indicates continued inequality in wealth-generating opportunities – what Arta terms the ‘financial superpowers’ – for the vast majority of people. Arta Finance addresses this by providing access to investment opportunities and financial strategies typically only available to the ultra-wealthy via family offices and private banks. Arta makes these available by setting up a digital family office for each of its members, applying the latest in artificial intelligence, technology, and customized support to help members build their financial futures.  

We have seen a lot of interest in navigating today's volatile, high interest rate environment, in getting access to alternative investments, and leveraging other 'financial superpowers' of the ultra-wealthy

“The excitement and trust our members have shown has been incredible. We knew that many professionals felt this opportunity gap when it came to making their money work for them, including the founding team. Since Arta started accepting members, it's become even more clear that a digital family office is filling an unmet need as professionals busy with their careers and families look for ways to expand beyond basic ETFs, robo-advisors, and 401k plans. We have seen a lot of interest in navigating today's volatile, high interest rate environment, in getting access to alternative investments, and leveraging other 'financial superpowers' of the ultra-wealthy,” said Caesar Sengupta, co-founder and CEO of Arta Finance. “Arta's members are embracing the use of AI in their personal digital family offices, and with our most recent features and services, Arta is ready to help even more people gain access to the same powerful resources as the ultra-wealthy."

Over the past year, Arta’s member base has grown from employees at firms like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Stripe – from first-time investors to financial sophisticates. All of these members are looking to grow, protect and enjoy their wealth as the ultra-wealthy do. Today, Arta is proud to announce the following new services and features to deliver on the digital family office promise:

  • Growing Wealth

    • Private Market Access: Members now have access to an expanded selection of private equity, private credit, and real estate investments from top-tier private investors like Vista, TPG, Nuveen, and more. Arta is also introducing Venture Capital as an investment class for qualified members. 

    • Customized Public Market Investments with AI: Later this quarter, Arta will introduce Arta Copilot to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) for the creation, research, and management of highly customized AMPs (AI-Managed Portfolios). Arta’s Defensive Growth AMPs will also expand to enable customization by sectors, geography, and additional risk controls. 

    • Principal Protected Growth: An investment product that enables members to capture a majority of U.S. stock market growth while protecting their initial investment. Structured products like this are typically available only to the ultra-rich through their private banks. 

  • Protecting Wealth

    • Weathgen Insurance: Members can now leverage this “financial superpower” that is used by the ultra-wealthy to grow and transfer wealth in a tax-advantaged manner using Permanent Life Insurance policies. 

    • Tax and Estate Planning Services: Members can meet with a certified expert who will help protect loved ones and preserve wealth while minimizing income, gift, and estate taxes. 

    • Tax Loss Harvesting: Arta will be introducing automated tax loss harvesting later this quarter to ensure more returns earned make it back into the hands of members.

  • Enjoying Wealth

    • Personal Assistant Services: Access to virtual personal assistants who can help members supercharge their efficiency and take back control of their time. 

    • Connecting with others: Through online and in-person opportunities, members are able to connect with finance and investment experts to learn, benchmark, and inspire each other.

In addition to these services and features, Tomas Arlia was hired as head of private markets to expand access, reduce complexity, and develop capital availability for private market investments. Prior to joining Arta Finance, Arlia oversaw a $3 billion global hedge fund and $1 billion portfolio in Private Equity fund investments as the chief investment officer at GE Asset Management. In addition to Arlia, David Oh was hired as the head of tax and estate planning to support members with wealth transfer and tax solutions for preserving generational family wealth. Before joining Arta, Oh was the managing director and trust counsel at Fiduciary Trust International and director of tax and estate planning at Charles Schwab. Arlia and Oh join Arta’s Head of Insurance, Samita Malik who joined Arta after spending 2 decades building Insurance products at Aegon Insurance, MetLife, Aviva, and Bain.  

“Hiring experts from different sectors of finance to provide a comprehensive digital family office has proven to be extremely beneficial to our members. They can leverage the deep domain expertise these experts bring, but at much lower costs and a better user experience via our digital platform,” said Sengupta. “This past year our team nearly doubled in size and we plan to bring on more industry leaders in 2024 to help us democratize private banking, family office services, and grow our presence globally.”

Arta Finance is currently available to individuals who meet the SEC definition of either Accredited Investor, Qualified Purchaser, or Qualified Client. Arta’s long-term goal is to expand access to everyone. To learn more about Arta Finance, please visit

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Arta Finance is the digital family office for the world. It empowers more people to gain the financial superpowers that, until now, were the domain of ultra-high net-worth individuals. Arta Finance, a U.S. SEC-registered investment advisor, harnesses AI and machine learning to enable intelligent investing in public market equities, provides access to alternative investments – including private equity, venture capital, real-estate – and connects members to financial expertise so they can advance their unique goals. Founded by a team of former Google executives, Arta is backed by Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit Capital, Coatue, and more than 140 luminaries in tech and finance. To learn more about Arta visit

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