Navigating Tax Season with Arta: Ease Your Stress and Secure Your Future


March 21, 2024

Tax season is inevitable. And can be stressful!

The complexity of tax laws, coupled with the pressure to maximize returns or minimize liabilities, can make this time feel overwhelming. But Arta is here to offer strategies to navigate this (taxing) period, and to set you up for a more prosperous and stress-free tax season in the future.

Tax-advantaged investing through a life insurance vehicle

Arta introduces a unique approach to investing that benefits your financial portfolio and your tax bill. Our life insurance offerings are designed not just for protection but as vehicles for tax-advantaged investing. By leveraging this approach, you can grow your investments while enjoying a range of tax benefits–think of it like a hidden Roth IRA. This strategy can help reduce your immediate tax burden and also contributes to the long-term growth of your wealth, making it a smart move, particularly for high earners in high-income tax states.

Creating an estate plan to protect your legacy

Thinking about the future, especially in terms of legacy and estate planning, is crucial. Arta specializes in designing comprehensive estate plans that ensure your hard-earned wealth is protected and passed on to future generations in the most tax-efficient way possible. An estate plan, crafted with our expertise, not only secures your legacy but also minimizes the tax liabilities your heirs might face, preserving more of your wealth for the people and causes you care about.

Earning more on your cash while foregoing state and local taxes

Arta recognizes the importance of making every dollar work harder for you. So we created Harvest Treasuries, a portfolio of ETFs holding US Treasuries, which means you’re not subjected to state and local taxes on interest income. US Treasuries also have the advantage of being liquid and about as safe as an investment can get. It’s an excellent way for individuals to boost their investment income without increasing their tax burden, while keeping your cash safe and liquid. Win, win, win. 

Interested in learning more about these strategies and other tax hacks to help grow your wealth long-term? Don’t miss our three-part “Tax-Savvy Investing” webinar series beginning right after Tax Day—the perfect time to start turning this year’s tax bill into next year’s savings.

  1. Tax-Savvy Investing Essentials: Wed. 4/17 at 4 pm PT – register here

  2. Building “Tax Alpha” Into Your Portfolio: Tues. 4/23 at 4 pm PT – register here

  3. Tax Strategies for Generational Wealth:  Thurs. 4/25 at 4 pm PT – register here

As we embrace another tax season, remember that Arta is here to guide you through the complexities of tax planning and wealth management. Our goal is not just to help you navigate the present but to set you up for a future where tax season becomes an opportunity to reflect on your financial growth and strategic planning success. Imagine smiling when April 15 rolls around. 😎

Let Arta help you transform tax season from a period of stress into a time of strategic opportunity. With the right planning and resources, we can work together to ensure a brighter, more secure financial future for you and your loved ones.


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