Introducing Arta Waives: Share the wealth with your friends and family


May 15, 2023

Give and earn Waives to start investing with no Arta fees. New members get $100,000 in Waives.

Most financial advisors and private banks generally charge at least 1 to 2% of assets under management (AUM), while many robo-advisors charge 0.25% to 1%.

At Arta, we strive to provide our members with low, fair, and transparent fees - starting at 0.20% for AMPs and 0.50% for Alts. But to help you get started, we wanted to make this even better.

Today, we’re launching Arta Waives - a way to help maximize returns and make Arta fees disappear. New members will get $100,000 of Waives when they join, and $100,000 of Waives to give out. Existing members can earn more by collecting Waives from other Arta members.

To get started, click here to download Arta. When you create your account, you’ll get $100,000 in Waives to use yourself, and $100,000 of Waives to give to others. And if you already have Arta, open the app to start using Waives.

Read on to learn more about Waives!

How do Waives work?

An Arta Waive will remove the Arta fees on new investments, up to the specified amount on the Waive. For example, if you receive $100,000 in Waives, the next investments you make up to $100,000 will be free from Arta fees for 500 days, starting from the day of your new investment.

What can I do with Waives?

You can use Waives on an AI-Managed Portfolio (AMP) or an alternative investment, like private equity, venture capital, or real estate. Waives only apply to Arta management or incentive fees. They do not cover fees levied by the fund managers of certain investments - check the fund details in the app to learn more.

Every Arta member has two sets of Waives: Waives for themselves, and Waives to give to friends and family.

How can you earn more Waives for yourself?

You can ask your friends on Arta for more Waives. You can then use these Waives on your future investments.

How do I give Waives and refer a friend?

You have a separate balance of Waives that you can give to friends and family. You can give these Waives to people who haven’t started on Arta, as well as people who are already members.

The balance of Waives to give out will be refreshed periodically, and the balance does not carry over. So make sure you send them out before they’re gone!

Fairer fees, transparent pricing

For reference, most financial advisors and private banks charge at least 1 to 2% of assets under management (AUM), while most robo-advisors charge 0.25% to 1%.

Arta’s fees vary by investment. For example, AMPs are priced between 0.2% - 0.4% of AUM, while Alternative Investments vary between 0.5% - 0.65%. Alternative Investments may have underlying fees charged by the fund manager. Waives do not apply to those fund manager fees (sorry - we just don’t control these!), so check the alternative investment information in the app for a detailed breakdown.

At Arta, we prioritize low and transparent fees that are easy to understand. Arta Waives takes this commitment further, helping more people access financial tools to level-up their financial life. We can't wait to see how you use them!

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