Cash Management Strategies—Resolutions for Your Money


January 12, 2024

The new year is the prime time to craft resolutions that could put your finances on the right track.

Your approach to managing cash is an easy starting point. By making sure your spare cash is working hard for you, you can significantly improve your ability to handle expenses, spend on what you want, and optimize your personal wealth. 

At the heart of cash management lies the principle of maximizing the potential of every dollar at your disposal. This goes beyond basic budgeting and debt management; it's about strategically maneuvering your funds to cover both expected and unforeseen expenses, all while sidestepping the drawbacks of idle, “unproductive” cash. 

So let's look at three resolutions that can help you manage your cash better in 2024, and ways that Arta can help you get the most from your money.

Resolution 1: Look for better rates for your cash

At Arta, we believe that your accumulated wealth should work as hard as you do. Finding avenues that provide better returns than the average savings account, without compromising on liquidity, is key. Exploring high-interest, high-liquidity accounts such as certificates of deposit (CDs), money market accounts, or Harvest Treasuries can significantly enhance your money's growth rate, offering a robust defense against inflation and bolstering your overall financial well-being.

Why we like using US Treasuries for “parked cash”:

US Treasuries are the preferred low-risk savings vehicle of the ultra-wealthy. With Harvest Treasuries, you get the additional benefits of automated rebalancing to achieve yield through ETFs that hold US Treasuries, without having to manage them yourself. 

The appeal of Harvest Treasuries lies in their ability to offer competitive interest rates while maintaining liquidity and safety. By parking your cash in Harvest Treasuries, you're choosing a lower-risk investment for your short-term funds while earning a much higher interest than traditional savings accounts.

There are a few more reasons this is a preferred way to grow savings. Harvest Treasuries is exempt from US state and local income tax, offering a unique after-tax return advantage. US Treasuries, backed fully by the U.S. government, are considered one of the safest places to “park” your cash. Additionally, your investment is fortified with SIPC protection up to $500,000. 

If you have “idle” cash, you're missing out on a chance to make it work for you. The table below shows how much you could be earning — essentially a "free month" of income — by moving your money into an account with a higher return. It's a smart, straightforward move to get more from your funds. 

Compare - I want to earn more on $100,000


Annual percentage yield

Estimated annual earnings

Harvest Treasuries

5.26% APY*


Wealthfront Cash

5% APY%**


Apple Card Savings Account

4.25% APY**


Chase Savings Account

0.01% APY**


Source: Arta Finance (1/3/24), Wealthfront (11/3/23), Apple (1/5/24), Chase (1/10/24)

* See additional disclosures regarding Harvest Treasuries here

**Arta Finance makes no representations as to the accuracy of data published by third parties, and such information is presented here for illustrative purposes only.

Resolution 2: Invest excess cash

If you find yourself in the fortunate position of having excess cash beyond what you need for emergency savings and day-to-day spending - you're in a good spot. But don't let that hard-earned cash sit around earning next-to-nothing. In the New Year, identifying new opportunities for your excess cash is resolution #2. 

Why we like alternative investments for longer-term investments:

Over at Arta, we often talk about the opportunities in alternative investments and made it our mission to open up private markets to more people. Private investments, often referred to as alternative investments or “alts,” are financial assets outside of public market asset classes of stocks and bonds. These investments tend to have different return, risk, and liquidity attributes than traditional investments and are often included as part of a holistic investment strategy.

A cornerstone strategy in the portfolio of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, alternative investments, including private equity, venture capital, private credit, and private real estate, can offer attractive return profiles while providing diversification benefits from traditional markets. Consider private equity, for example; data from CAIA indicates that over a 21-year period, state pensions garnered an annual return of 11.0% from private equity, outpacing the 6.9% from public stocks. This disparity is not just substantial; it's transformative when compounded over time.

Resolution 3: Put a system in place

Arranging automatic transfers to your savings or investment accounts ensures you're consistently prioritizing your financial growth. It’s that classic advice to “pay yourself first.” This disciplined approach not only fosters a robust savings culture but also guarantees continuous contributions towards your long-term objectives, whether for milestones or future generations.

Why we like automatic transfers to savings and investment accounts:

Incorporating the habit of automatically funneling money into your savings and investment accounts puts your financial aspirations front and center so you can effortlessly move closer to realizing them with each deposit. Many of our members swear by this approach. It's so important that setting up recurring deposits is now one of our most requested features, and we're actively developing this capability. Soon, if you have a steady income, you'll be able to check one more task off your list, thanks to the convenience of auto-deposits. This will make managing your cash even simpler and more efficient.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous 2024

We get it - it's never fun to do the admin of moving your money around, but by embracing these resolutions, you're architecting a more secure and affluent future. The most impactful financial strategies are those tailored to your unique circumstances and objectives, so if you want personalized guidance, consider getting in touch with Arta for some help. Let’s make sure your cash management approach is making the most of your money.

Ready to learn how to out-yield your high-yield savings account?

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